Meet The Team


Rabbi Akiva Weingarten is the founder of "Besht Dresden". He grew up in the ulraorthodox "Satmar" Community  New York.  With end of his twenties he left the ultraorthodox world and found a new home in Germany. Today he is Rabbi in Dresden and Basel. 

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Rosa Schmitthenner - Project Manager

Rosa Schmitthenner is a member of the Managing Commitee of Besht Dresden e.V.  Beside this she is working as a MBS Feldenkrais practitioner.


Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Tikochinski -


Shlomo Tikochinsky is the dean of the Yeshiva. He has a PhD in "Jewish Thoughts and Jewish History". In Israel he worked as a professor, published several books and articles in the field of Jewish History and worked as a Rabbi.


Lutz Riedrich - German Teacher

Lutz Riedrich is the the German teacher for our Yeshiva students. He lived thirteen years in Israel and got married there with his wife Ofra and is father of two children. He studied Social Sciences focused on Politics and History. Later he became a German teacher for foreigners certificated by the Goethe-Institut. Today he lives with his family in Düsseldorf and switches between Düsseldorf and Dresden.


Linda Lorenz -

PR & Fundraising

Linda Lorenz studied Journalism and Gender Studies. After several residences in Israel she returned to her home area. Due to her deep inner connection to Judaism and her desire for a more obvious and public Jewish life in Germany she supports "Besht Yeshiva Dresden" e.V. with her work.


Israel Greenhouse - Personal Development Director

Israel Greenhouse takes care of all the social and psychological issues of our students. He graduated from Jerusalem College, has a Bachelor in Education and Special Education and has many years of experience in education and training.


Heike Rückert -

Volunteer: Social Support

Friendship - it's like homeland.

(Kurt Tucholsky)

Heike Rückert integrates this way of thinking to her work with Besht. She helps the students to find a home in Dresden and in the hearts of the people. As a Christian, she feels very connected to the Jewish faith and culture.


 Kristin Kimmer -

Volunteer: Social Support

It is Kristin's desire to help the Besht students to integrate in Dresden and feel like home here. Therefore she supports them in social and psychological questions and matters.

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