Our Story

In 2017, Rabbi Akiva Weingarten founded "Besht" to assist young women and men who have left the Orthodoxy  adapting to the world outside the orthodox community while keeping a link to their Judaism.

Rabbi Akiva –  originally a Satmar from Monsey NY – used his experience as an OTD (Off The Derech, or Path) to help others find a new path on their own terms.

Besht is short for Baal Shem Tov: the founder of Hassidism Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (c. 1698-1760). This mystic  healer with a good name inspires our activities and our desire to live Liberal Hassidism.

Our Vision

Besht Dresden assists young Jews from around the world who left orthodoxy.

Our Yeshiva gives women and men the freedom to reinvent themselves while helping them to become active of the Jewish community in Dresden and the German workforce.


Besht – an integrated part of Dresden – will forge win-win cooperations with higher education, health, technology, industry, culture and community groups to exchange knowledge.


We also hope to rejuvenate the local Jewish community while sharing with all Dresdeners, whatever their beliefs, origins or politics.

About Besht

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