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Besht Yeshiva Dresden in the city of Dresden, Germany, is a Jewish student center, academy and profession, and community volunteering in the spirit of liberal Hasidic Judaism.

The center will function as a residential and educational setting and as a seminary for Judaism, for young people and young graduates of ultra-Orthodox education who wish to autonomously reshape their Jewish identity. Our goal is to allow these young men and women to move away from the pressure and mold area, and to rebuild themselves instead of allowing, building their professional future and contributing to the Jewish community in Dresden.

The seminary focuses on collaborations with higher education, health, technology and industrial factors in Germany. Our ambition is to rejuvenate the Jewish community in Dresden - the capital of Saxony, and to contribute to the skills and benefits of Israeli Haredi education graduates: Hasidic vitality, Jewish knowledge and learning culture. Along with the professional trajectory, the academic and academic prerequisite will include a team study, workshops, social and community activities, guided therapy, and professional psychic guidance if required. The eligible students will receive: studies, residences and economics.



Opening Date:  Will be announced.

Duration of study: As required until graduation and individual progress. The first year will be devoted to German language studies and / or pre-academic preparation according to the requirements of the German Academy, in accordance with the degree program chosen by the student.

Please complete the questionnaire carefully and extensively. It should be made clear that the purpose of the questionnaire is to understand who you are, rather than to establish acceptance criteria. All information will remain confidential. Only qualified candidates will be answered and invited for an admissions interview.


we are queer friendly


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