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Besht Yeshiva Dresden

The first liberal-chassidic Yeshiva in the world.

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Jewish Studies


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Besht Yeshiva Dresden  

Eisenbahnstraße 1

01097 Dresden




Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

IBAN: DE85 8505 0300 0221 2392 78 BIC: OSDDDE81XXX


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Note about your donation if you are paying taxes in Germany:

Donations up to 300 EUR:

For donations up to 300 EUR, the deposit slip of the bank transfer can be submitted to the tax office without an official donation receipt. Instead, for the simplified proof of donation up to 300 EUR to a non-profit corporation, proof can be provided to the tax office by means of a bank statement (also by PC printout), as well as additionally a receipt issued by the payee (] § 50 EStG). For this purpose, you can download a form for the simplified proof of donation from Besht Yeshiva Dresden gGmbH here

Donations over 300 EUR: 

For donations over 300 EUR, the tax office must be provided with proof in the form of a donation receipt to be issued by the recipient of the donation. The Besht Yeshiva Dresden is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organization and is exempt from corporate income tax, so that you can deduct your donations to us from your taxes. We confirm that your donation will be used for tax-privileged purposes ( §§ 51 ff AO).

We will send you a separate donation receipt for donations of 300 EUR or more, which you can present to the tax office.

Please do not forget to include your address.

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